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Everyone knows that we are living in tough times financially.   Many have found themselves in tough times because of the readily available FIAT MONEY and being lured into THE FINANCIAL MATRIX without realizing the consequences until it is too late.   It is no joke that we are bombarded through media by THE FINANCIAL MATRIX through media that tells us that is okay to buy now and pay later.   Who remembers the Credit Card company ad ".... So Worldly So Welcomed...".   Statistically speaking, either you or someone you know has been victimized and fallen prey to THE FINANCIAL MATRIX.  Do you know that banks "create money out of thin air", yet they expect you to make payments on time or they charge you huge fees and interest and interest upon interest?  How does that make you feel?  Is there something you can do to break the ties of the struggles of wondering whether or not you are going to survive Financially?   If you think you have it all together financially, but you are paying a mortgage or a car payment, do you know that YOU DO NOT OWN it in reality but the BANKS DO and the system has been rigged against you because if you fail, they get to OWN your property, possession, and yes even your DREAMS.   If you miss a payment or have missed a payment or even if they all of a sudden decide that you are leveraged too heavily regardless of whether or not you make all of your payments on time, do you realize that they are in control and can call your note regardless of whether you are up to date or not on payments?  How does that make you feel?   Feel like there is nothing you can do about it?    Well THERE IS something you can do about it.

Are you ready to turn the tables on THE FINANCIAL MATRIX and educate yourself on what you can do to WIN the game?  Once you do educate yourself and WIN the game, you will never get yourself back into THE FINANCIAL MATRIX ever again because you know the ballgame and you know how to score and WIN financially.

Get the complete FINANCIAL FITNESS course that will teach you the OFFENSE, DEFENSE, and PLAYING FIELD of Finances so you can WIN THE GAME.


I have two ways for you to get the information, either as a consumer only, or as a business owner and consumer of the information.

For consumers only, CLICK HERE FOR THE FINANCIAL FITNESS INFORMATION and to purchase the FINANCIAL FITNESS PROGRAM and look at the available subscriptions to educate yourself and also SAVE MONEY.  Also, you will have access to purchase other materials to help you in ALL areas of life.

If you are business minded, CLICK HERE FOR FINANCIAL OFFENSE AND TO LOOK AT THIS FROM A BUSINESS PERSPECTIVE.  At the bottom of the page, click on Become a Member (Currently available in certain markets) to participate in the business with us.  There is a form to fill out to send to me so I can contact you.  Click on Register as a Customer to participate as a customer only.   You can even click on Shop to shop from my store.   Also, you can read, watch, and listen to testimonials of those have success in exiting THE FINANCIAL MATRIX near the bottom of the webpage.

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