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Waszupp Crowd Funding

Waszupp Crowd Funding


Welcome and Thanks for giving me the opportunity to share Waszupp with you.  I believe Waszupp is going to change a lot of lives for the better, and I hope yours too.   Watch the videos and you'll be amazed what is possible for you with just a one time $35 donation.




Before registering for your Waszupp Account with me, you will need to set up a Coinbase Account or a Payza Account in order to fund your account. 
If you do not already have one, please click on my Personal Referral Link to Sign up for a Free Coinbase Account.


 Please Fund your account with enough money to purchase $35 in Bitcoins.  It would be best to fund your Coinbase account with $40 to $45 to be sure to cover any fees.
Coinbase gives referral commissions.  So you will want to share your own link with those you refer in order to be compensated for sharing your own Coinbase Link.


If you do not have a Payza Account, please sign up by clicking the banner below.  This is my personal referral banner link.  When you get your account, you will want to share your Payza referral link with those you bring to Waszupp Crowd Funding.

Once you have Funded your Coinbase Account or your Payza Account, please set up a Waszupp Account with me, Lyle Alexander, by clicking the image below.  VERY IMPORTANT: PLEASE FUND YOUR COINBASE OR PAYZA ACCOUNT BEFORE REGISTERING WITH ME IN WASZUPP.
Click Here Waszupp btcfarmer


On the registration page, please be sure that it says the following and if it doesn't, please don't register until you contact me so that we will be sure that you are on my team.  You should see this above where you enter your information:


Sponsor Name : Lyle Alexander 


Contact me and I will get you introduced to our team and our team updates:
Lyle Alexander
phone 580-471-3736  CDT
Skype lylealexander


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iCharity Club Member-to-Member Crowd Sharing Donation Platform.


Hello Business Partner,

If you have the desire for total financial freedom and to possibly get to become an Internet Millionaire or an Internet Billionaire in 10 Weeks, then you need to CLICK HERE and pay attention to the Summary of Income Chart on Page 6!   Clicking on Proceed, please make sure that you see "Sponsored by : Lyle Alexander" on the registration form. If you do not, please check in with me by clicking "Send Lyle Alexander an email" in the right column of the blog post and I'll assist in getting you properly placed in my organization.

Do you believe that everyone that considers themselves a networker CAN sponsor 2 or 4 or even 5 people in a Week?

Now CLICK HERE to see my Google Spreadsheet and change the numbers in cells A2 and B2.

Wow! I love to play with the numbers. If this does not get you excited and motivated to bring in as many people as you possibly can as fast as you possibly can, then I don't know what will get you excited about your future. If you get excited or lose sleep, then it definitely is time to TAKE MASSIVE ACTION and get all the people you KNOW and even those you DON'T KNOW YET to come in and BUILD iCharity with us.  ***  We don't want people sitting and waiting for their uplines to do it all for them, we want people that are going to GO FOR IT WITH ALL THEY'VE GOT to GET THEIR DREAMS. ***

Hint. What if everybody got 2 people in a Week, then you would become an Internet Millionaire in 10 Weeks with $2,593,480 in donations.

Hint #2. What if everybody doubled their efforts and got 4 people in a Week, then you would become an Internet Billionaire in 10 Weeks with $2,118,282,960 in donations.

Hint #3.  What if everybody got 5 people in a Week, then you would be abundantly blessed with $18,942,898,600 in donations in 10 Weeks.

It is just simple math.  1+1 = 2.

What if you help speed up the process and personally bring in 10, 20, 40, 50, 100 participants as fast as you possibly can in this great system?  What if you encourage everyone you bring in to bring in as many people as they possibly can as fast as they possibly can?

I don't know about you, but I have BIG DREAMS. I know you must have a BIG DREAM also.

What is your DREAM?   DREAM BIG and Go For It!

Check out the Calculator and if you ARE EXCITED about your future and getting your DREAMS and are going to GO FOR IT in sharing iCharity with EVERYONE you KNOW and DON'T KNOW YET, then CLICK HERE and register.     Please make sure that you see "Sponsored : " followed by "*farmer" or "*emlar" or "*celebritygoldmine" or "*chadgall" or "*innosanta" or "*kari0485" on the registration form.  If you do not, please check in with me by clicking "Send Lyle Alexander an email" in the right column of the blog post and I'll assist in getting you properly placed in my organization.

You can click on this image of the Summary of Income Chart to see a bigger view. 


iCharity Club Summary of Income


Warning.   Your part in sharing this with everyone you possible can as fast as you possibly can is a MUST.   Work WORKS in NetWORKing.   If you are a WORKer, then come along with us as we spread this globally and help people get their DREAMS.  If you are a DO NOTHING NON WORKER type person, please don't waste my time or my group's time.   Don't put family members in who you know are not going to do anything unless you are willing to double, triple, or more of your efforts to make it happen and bring in enough people.  We want people that have the DREAM and the DESIRE to get their DREAMS and a Vision for a Strong Financial Future.

How would you like to get $20 Free to make up for your $20 Donation after you have given it?  If you do not have a NetSpend Prepaid Visa Debit Card, get one and load $40 cash on it and NetSpend will give you $20 and give me $20.  You can share the link they give you and get even more Free $20s.  Get your NetSpend Prepaid Visa Debit Card by clicking the following link and I highly suggest you Order the Prepaid Visa Debit Card and not the MasterCard.  Only USA residents may apply for the Netspend Card

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