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Unlimited Payments in Your Mailbox with The Millionaire Mailer


Can you mail a flyer?

You can receive Unlimited Payments in Your Mailbox with The Millionaire Mailer.

This is something anyone can do.  If you can put a peel and stick address label on a #10 envelope and apply a postage stamp, you can make money from home and experience the level of income you desire.  All you have to do is mail flyers and I suggest post ads on social media, and create and post YouTube videos and be consistent and you can earn mailbox money every day.

Imagine 10-20 people under you mailing every day.  Suggestion: Take at least 20% of all earnings and put it in to more and more mailings.  Can you see that your potential will continue to multiply larger and larger using this strategy?  What if everyone got at least 10 people?  When you look at the flyer, you will realize with everyone getting 10 that you would have 10 people getting 10 for 100 people getting 10 each for 1,000 people.   You'd have 1,110 people mailing you a payment to your mailbox!  What if those 1,110 people used the 80%/20% rule and continued to use the 20% to mail more flyers.  Can you see that you could have never ending residual payments coming to your mailbox?   You do the math for everybody finding 20 people and continually treating it like the big business that mail order is and send more flyers with 20% of all income received.  WOW!  Your potential is staggering.  What if you used 30% as a business expense for more mailings.  Play with the numbers and calculate your potential and think about what other income producing ventures you would purchase with your earnings.   What would it take to replace your income from a job?  If you have a spouse, what would it take to replace their income too?  How quickly could you pay down debt?  Can you see yourself being able to purchase income producing property?  You can achieve anything you want with The Millionaire Mailer by consistently mailing the flyer and finding mailers through all forms of social media like I did with you as you are reading this from some form of social media post or online marketing advertisement.

Click the following link and print out 4 copies of the flyer and follow instructions and get started today.

Lyle Alexander Millionaire Mailer

In addition to the Payment Methods listed on the flyer, I will also receive MoneyGram, Walmart 2 Walmart, Western Union.  All my contact information is available on the flyer and you may also email me at the link on this blog by clicking in the upper right where it says "Send Lyle Alexander an Email".   Contact me to let me know that you have sent payment.  You may call or text, send an email and please connect with me on Facebook to send a Friend Request and to send me a Message by clicking Contact Lyle Alexander on Facebook 

Want to know how to get 100s of Free Forever Postage Stamps?  The owner of the Millionaire Mailer created THE MILLIONAIRE PRO STAMP CLUB 100.  Send this flyer out with your Millionaire Mailer flyer.  Everyone will want to reduce their #1 expense in mail order and that is postage.   Click the following link and print out 3 copies of the flyer and follow instructions and get started today.


How Does $200 Plus a Day Sound?   The $200 A Day Cash Machine Flyer is designed to Get You Paid Every Day.  Hundreds Daily is possible.

Lyle A $200 A Day Cash Machine

Here is a video I created and loaded to my YouTube channel

Here is proof that mailing The Millionaire Mailer Works

Millionaire Mailer Works